The comparison between those three games has been the primary topic on various websites. If you Google these topics, you will find many forums that talk about these three games. Mainly boost dota 2 has been a prime topic in most forums since most players’ world has discovered some exciting features that are not yet included in other games. There are many things you can need to understand about these three games. Here are various in formations that have been shared regarding these three games.

Dota 2 Features

All heroes are unlocked with Dota 2 valve feature. You don’t have to spend your money, but for this case, you can only spend hours with GamePlay and also spend some time on a great deal in-game cash to unlock a hero. Currently, Dota 2 is now available at no cost for every player out there.

Reward or Punish

If you compare these three games, it can be somehow punishing, especially when you’re feeding your enemies or the other way round. However, as far as your skills are concerned, it’s quite rewarding. Therefore, you can take this the ways you like it, either punishing or rewarding.

 Dota 2 announcement By Valve

Importance of Items

If you’re playing Dota 2 game, make sure you are careful when choosing the items since some of them are a bit challenging to get. So, you need to save enough sum of gold without failing or dying. You can as well deal with micro courier control, especially when you gathered enough gold.

Selection of Hero and Meta

Most think that selection of hero is important for league of legends, Dota 2 and hero of the storm. But it is not the way it should be since everyone attends the tournaments and also not all players are a challenger. If you want to increase your chances of winning, you will have to consider the team of your enemy.

You don’t have to hide from yourself; juvenile kids are typically majority in League-of-Legend community until you reach diamond level. So eventually you will have to eliminate most of them. Even though, the riot is what makes LOL community much better just like in boost Dota 2.

All in one feature

Another exciting feature of these three games, there has never been something like getting fed or even feeding. For instance, in HOTS, you don’t have to level up individually since all every member of the team needs to take apart.

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Exciting and Fun Experience Online

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