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          Region D Membership Enhancement...                  




We are from Huntingburg, a small town located in Southern Indiana, where Gary has worked for the City of Huntingburg for 19 years and is the Foreman for Water Distribution.

Carol just retired after working for ten years for Jasper, IN at Memorial Hospital in the Patient Financial Services.

We have been married for eighteen years and have five adult children, ten
Grandchildren, and one Great Granddaughter. Our seventeen year old granddaughter, Shawna Kay, has lived with us since May of 2013. We also have two small Poodles, Roxie and Rudiee, that we rescued from puppy mills.

We joined GWRRA in 2005 and found chapter IN-M, two years later. In 2009 we became Membership Enhancement Coordinators for our chapter, a position we still hold today and Carol was Chapter News Letter Editor for four years. Since then we have held several different offices at the Chapter and District levels of GWRRA. We are presently Assistant District Directors for Southwest Indiana and our new position is Region D Membership Enhancement Coordinators. In September we will be honored to represent Region D at the International Couple of the Year selection at Wing Ding.

When we were selected as Couple of the Year for our Chapter we realized what an honor it was and knew that we would represent our chapter at the District level. We enjoy representing Indiana as the District Couple. And now we are Indiana, Ohio and Michigan 2014-2015 Couple of the Year for Region D and looking forward to representing Region D at 2015 Wing Ding in Huntsville, AL.

Both of us are looking forward to having a fun working with everyone as Region D Membership Enhancement Coordinators.

Gary and Carol Meyerholtz
Region D MEC
2014-2015 Couple of the Year


IN Couple of the Year    Rick & Debbie Warmels   Chapter D2

MI Couple of the Year  Tim & Pan Hanson   Chapter C

MI Individual of the Year   Louie Schippers Chapter J  




Only a few chapters competed this year in the Chapter of the Year selection.
 Each District selected the winners and announced them at their Winter Events.
 The chapters that competed showed tremendous pride in their membership,
 their chapter, and the organization. They had excellent Rider Education participation, Recruitment, & Retention. The Chapter Directors took additional training to better serve their members.


From Indiana
None Featured this Year


From Michigan      
Chapter J2


From Ohio

Chapter M


The score sheets from the winning chapters from each District were then
sent to the Region D Chapter of the Year Coordinators, Gary & Carol Meyerholtz. Region D Directors, Lloyd & Becky Glydewell along with Gary & Carol then checked all the scores and, following the guidelines set forth in the Chapter of the Year Program, determined that 2016 Region D Chapter of the Year (based on 2015 activities) is:


Chapter OH-B3, the Tri-B Wings

from Obetz, OH

Is The





Congrats!!! to you all.  It was very exciting
and very close to judge.  You are all winners.


Hey Y'all!! Let's talk about Membership Enhancement. It covers a wide area and includes
Fun, Member Recruitment, Fun, Member Retention, Fun, Activities, Fun, Fund Raisers, Fun,
 and more. See the pattern here? Everything revolves around FUN. Membership Recruitment isn't
any good if someone else in your chapter drops out. Our motto is "Find A Member, Involve
A Member, Keep A Member!
" If we work on retention, we'll get recruitment. Why? Because,
if your chapter is active, having fun, riding, and keeping the members involved, they will keep
 coming back and they will bring friends! National is revamping the Fun and Activities Guides
 and we're all working on spreading the fun. Go to this link:

GWRRA National Membership Enhancement Page

 and check out all the useful tools to help spark your chapter and get your members having fun.

Membership Enhancement Overview...


Currently our Member Enhancement Division covers four main areas. By clicking on a program link it will take you to it on this page.

There have been multiple changes in the available information, i.e. Chapter Shirt and Jacket Competition, Fun and Activities Guide, MEC Duties and Responsibilities, etc. It can all be  viewed on the National website.


GWRRA National Membership Enhancement Page


If you wish to contact us, our email is

and our phones are:

812-639-7776 Gary’s Cell
812-631-3203 Carol's Cell




Our District Membership Enhancement Coordinators..


Member Recruiting and Retention Program...

The "Membership Recruiting and Retention" program is the life blood of our organization.

Why you ask? Because without members there is no organization.
There have been multiple changes in the available information, i.e. Chapter Shirt and Jacket Competition, Fun and Activities Guide, MEC Duties and Responsibilities. It can all be viewed on the National website.


GWRRA National Membership Enhancement Page

The following links is a great guide on Retention by Marty Zakrajsek, past

National Membership Coordinator along with other important information.

Couple of the Year Program...


The most visible part of the Membership Enhancement Division is the "Couple of the Year Program". Beginning at the Chapter level, this is a method of honoring couples for their  commitment to the ideals of the GWRRA. After serving as their Chapter Couple they can attend their District's selection process. Later the District Couples may attend the Region's selection process and eventually the Region D Couple can move on to the International Couple of the Year selection process at Wing Ding.

As International Couple of the Year and M.E.D. Coordinators, we  encourage all the Chapters to honor your fellow Couples and participate in the "Couple of the Year Program".


 "A Great Way To Recognize Your Chapter Couple or Individual"

Show appreciation for the Couple and Individual that means so much to your chapter.

Click on the pictures for a larger view.


Packet Features...
  • 2 Engraved Medallions for Couple or 1 for Individual

  • 2 Couple-of-the-Year Pins for Couple or 1 for Individual

  • 2 Engraved Name Tags for Couple or 1 for Individual

  • Certificate from Region Membership Enhancement Coordinators


We are offering a Couple-of-the-Year packet  or Individual-of-the-Year that will help make your Chapter Couple or Individual feel as special as they are


Delivery in 7-10 business days!

To Order...
These forms and packets are now available through the GWRRA home office. Please contact them for assistance.

Call 1-800-843-9460

Your Customer Service Rep will gladly help you.

Thanks to all

If you have any questions contact your District Couple of the Year coordinator.

The following links are pdf files on the program.

Top Ten Reasons to Have a Couple of the Year

Couple of the Year Manual



Region D Traveling Plaque...      

New Rules

Where is it NOW?


Click for a

Larger Image

     To follow the Traveling Plaque, just push the button:                                             


  • Always contact a chapter representative when making plans to capture the traveling plaque. Although we do our best to keep this information up to date, the plaque location may have changed.

If you want to know what is required for web page write-up, click here


For more information on the Region D Traveling Plaque contact Gary & Carol Meyerholtz
Gary & Carol Meyerholtz

This plaque is designed to promote friendship, visitation and fun within the three Districts. We sincerely encourage you to put some mileage on this plaque. Below is the plaque's current location. Region D would also like to announce that there will also be a cash drawing for the Chapter who has captured the plaque the most within the given year of $100.00. Be sure to check out the rules and have FUN.


Region D Traveling Plaque Rules

Fun Activity Program


The motto of the GWRRA is "Friends for Fun Safety and Knowledge." First and foremost the GWRRA is a social organization of friends. We have an award-winning Rider Education Division to help with the "safety" aspect. We have a fantastic Leadership Training Division to help with "knowledge". In the Member Enhancement Division we have the "Fun Activities Guide" to cover the "fun". If members aren't having fun, they won't stay on as members of the GWRRA. If we lose them, they lose out on "safety & knowledge". So, there is a guidebook that provides a huge number of ideas on how we can have fun. This is a great tool for the Chapter Directors to use. Carl & Judy  Williams authored the Fun Activities Guide when they were National Friendship Coordinators. It's a large document so we have broken it up by

Fun Activities Guide ( Complete)

Section 1 - Getting Acquainted

Section 2 - Awards

Section 3 - Games

Section 4 - Rides

Section 5 - Region-District-Chapter Challenge