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Used car market: data and forecasts for the future

Always synonymous with “good deals”, the used car market has undergone a real surge with prices rising by over 20%. For 2023, the outlook remains uncertain, even if experts predict a slowdown in prices with some slight downward corrections. Is this the beginning of a trend reversal? Unknowns and a scenario still dominated by too many uncertainties do not allow reliable forecasts to be made, even if something seems to change on the horizon.

Long waiting times, increased price lists, accessories that cannot be found due to the shortage of microchips and the difficulty of procuring raw materials: buying a new car has become a veritable obstacle course. The workaround? Focus on used cars and buy used cars onlinebetter if recently registered and with few kilometres. But even here there are surprises. The low availability of new cars, in fact, combined with growing consumer demand, has led to a constant increase in sales prices even in the second-hand market, making it practically explode. The current economic situation conditioned by the difficulty of finding semiconductors and raw materials has practically eliminated the offers proposed by the car manufacturers, while in many cases the dealers barely have the showroom cars. If we add to this the impossibility of finding 0 km cars and company vehicles usually sold after a short use, it is easy to understand why prices continue to rise. Demand has outstripped supply used cars in san diego.

The used car market runs online

Exploding during the pandemic as people were looking for a safe alternative to public transport, the boom in the used car market continued to grow in 2021 and 2022 driven by stock shortages, long waiting times and rising prices. prices of new cars. In search of “good deals” and favored by the use of online platforms that facilitate the meeting between supply and demand by maximizing sales and purchase opportunities, an ever-increasing percentage of customers interested in buying a car has turned to the used marketcausing it to grow exponentially. After all, the numbers provided by the Agpi index speak for themselves: the average value of a used car reached the threshold of around 21,600 in July 2022, marking a +21.7% compared to the same month of the previous year.