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Advantages of the up-and-over garage door

Today we want to enter the world of overhead garage doors; our aim will be to find out what they are, what characteristics they have and what their strengths are. An overhead  garage door is made up of joined panels that move along guides above the ceiling or the entrance area. Overhead garage doors can have different guide systems depending on the building and space. These doors are ideal for when you need rather large doors, this is because they are robust and very stable doors. Today, up-and-over garage doors are becoming more and more fashionable: in fact, the old and sad shutters and locks for boxes have been banned, today new technologies have made up-and-over doors the most attractive and useful doors on the market. In this article we will show you ten overhead garage doors, showing you the operation and advantages of these very useful service doors premium garage doors manufacturer.

Overhead garage doors were introduced on the market between the seventies and eighties. They have gradually replaced the old non-insulated rolling shutters. In fact, being insulated, overhead garage doors were much more adequate from the point of view of insulation.

Another positive aspect of  up-and-over garage doors is that when the garage is open they not only take up no useful space, they are not even visible. This is a very useful aspect if you have beautiful collectible cars that you want to show off!

An overhead garage door is also an excellent choice from an aesthetic point of view. In fact, it can be built with different materials, depending on the needs, and can therefore harmonize perfectly with the rest of the facade, maintaining the style of the house.

Of course, up-and-over garage doors also have some flaws. The main negative side of this type of doors is certainly linked to an economic aspect. The guide system that allows the opening and closing mechanism of overhead doors is in fact quite expensive and, moreover, it must be overhauled often, to prevent it from jamming or that some components wear out too much.

How does an overhead door work?

The overhead door consists of a part fixed to the wall which includes the side guides and an upper part called the crossbar. In the lateral directions there is the skid of the clamps, the strings and the weights, by the way crossbar has the assignment of maintaining the lateral uprights tied.