AI Powering Companies

Artificial Intelligence to enhance your virtual presence

You must have always been surprised by the sudden pop-up of a Hi! May I help you? message in any website you browse. It generally asks you if it can be of any help. You can go ahead chatting with it as if you are into any conversation over the phone. Well, this is artificial intelligence(AI), a technology-based tool that helps enhance your online surfing experience. We have seen advancements in technology in various fields. Conversational AI is one of the best among them to improve and increase customer interaction. With the help of Clinc, the experience is made even better.

What is conversational AI?

This technology uses chatbots, messaging apps, and voice-based assistants to interact with your customer. You have the responsibility to make your customer experience pleasurable. When the world has plunged into the digital era, you know everyone visits online for any product search and thereafter purchases. With self-search, the consumer may not be able to identify his exact need, he may need assistance. With conversational AI, automated conversations are initiated between the business and the consumer. This can be text messages or voice-based too.

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These give a great comfort for the consumer that he feels he is in a real conversation with an in-store person. The AI is programmed in such a way that it understands human language and can accurately translate it to machine-readable language. This is a very important tool for drawing customer attention. Imagine that a potential consumer after visiting n number of sites, visits your AI-empowered site, he is sure to get hooked and bring in more clients too. Customers need the right information, exactly when they need it. So automation is developed to provide round the clock support. There are various spheres of business this conversational AI can be employed.

Any website always has a FAQ section that lists out the common queries and the related answers. Similar sessions are incorporated in the AI-based sites too. Whenever a customer visits the site, it pops up a frequently asked question and tries to find out if it relates to the client. The message box can also be placed on social media platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Wechat, etc. The main advantage of any AI is that it can handle multiple clients at the same time which may not be possible in a one-on-one conversation. This revolutionary development is a time saver for both the enterprise and the clients.