Most of the bride’s friends show a willingness to be the maid of honor (MoH). However, the role comes with a vast set of responsibilities. After completing all the tasks successfully, the individual also needs to give a speech for the bride. You should consider reading the maid of honour speeches examples that you can refer to while creating your speech. Here’re points that can help you make the best one.

Start with a brainstorming session with the bride’s friends

Think about the bride, and note down the ideas, emotions that come into the mind. Continue free-writing for at least twenty minutes, and you would automatically get significant points that can be a part of the speech.

Create an engaging and entertaining story

Generic praise will lead to boredom. If you want listeners to enjoy and feel entertained with your speech, tell a story that illustrates excellent aspects of the bride’s life so far and her personality.

Focus on the newlyweds

The maid of honor needs to keep the focus on the bride. The discussion should be concerning the newlyweds. A few words about your relationship with the bride can be acceptable. However, it is crucial to remember that the speech is not about you, so keep references to yourself minimum. Your introduction should also be short.

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Avoid speaking about the bride’s ex

Everyone has past relationships that they may not wish to remember on that special day, especially in front of the new partner. So, it is advisable not to mention the same in your speech. Don’t roast the bride because the wedding is not a reality show. Ensure the address is positive by reflecting only good aspects of the bride’s life.

Two to five minutes

People start losing attention when speeches are lengthy. So, an extraordinary address should be between two to five minutes. Don’t allow listeners to lose interest.

If your speech involves funny incidents or a joke, you should pause for a few seconds after the joke so that listeners can get a chance to laugh. Go slow so that they can react and then focus on the next line.

Keep your speech ready before a week

Ensure that your speech remains ready at least a week before the big event. Read the same once a day during those seven days. You can also consider recording yourself while you speak to ensure your tone and pace remains perfect. You can read some maid of honour speeches examples to ensure your structure is accurate.