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Planting cabbage – mistake to avoid

As cabbage is one of the tasty and healthy vegetables, many people tend to show interest in growing cabbage in their garden. Obviously when they grow cabbage in their home garden they can get fresh and tasty cabbage without any kind of compromise. However, while coming to cabbage growth there are several important factors to consider. Especially one must avoid certain mistakes while growing cabbage in garden. Some of the most common mistakes that are to be strictly avoided are revealed in this article.

Planting mistake

Even though many people are highly interested in planting cabbage, they are not aware of the right situation for planting it. Cabbage cannot withstand more heat and hence one must plant according to it. It is to be noted that cabbage is tasty autumn crop as this can withstand cold temperature easily. Hence the climatic season should be noted for planting cabbage.

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Improper nutrients

Many people think that just watering the cabbage plant can provide them greater yield. But this is not the fact. The cabbage plants are greater feeders than they sound to be. They should be provided with high rich calcium as this can support them to absorb the ground water. When they tend to start heading, it is more important to reduce the nitrogen content in their fertilizer. This is because high nitrogen content will cause cracks in the head.

Along with this, one must also make sure to rotate crops for a proper yield. By rotating crops, the influence of pests can also be reduced to a greater extent.