Urine drug test without urine: check out this guide

Urine drug test without urine: check out this guide

Every employer needs a drug-free environment for the growth of the company. They conduct a test to identify drug-free employees.

The urine sample of the employee is, examined in this test. There are many ways to detox drug tests, but no remedy is perfect to believe. So the best way to pass the exam is to deposit a made-up sample. For fake urine, check out this guide.

What is a fake sample?

Fake urine or synthetic urine is, made up of urea and uric acid found in actual urine. It is the same as human urine, Check out this guide to know more about it.

It was created for tricking the urine drug test. People intake many sorts of harmful drugs like weed. Some companies ask for this test to make sure that their employees don’t consume any sort of toxic substance. Hunters also use it to train their dogs by putting it on different things at distances.

Does this trick work?

Synthetic urine never gets identified because it’s a copy of a real one. The factor that differs in both is temperature, as real urine’s temperature is more than the room temperature.

Other than this, they don’t make any difference, so we can say that this trick works and you can pass the test smoothly.

Things to remember:

While buying synthetic urine, look for the time duration so you can estimate to which date you want it to be fresh. Choose the brand wisely, every brand available on the internet is not trustworthy. Always look for the brands with the best reviews. So it should not cause any harmful effects on the skin. Do remember to check its odor and color resemble real urine or not.

Finding the perfect brand that suits is always a difficult task as synthetic urine of bad quality can cause many side effects. It can irritate your skin as it contains harmful chemicals. Check the reviews of companies and compare all of them. Always buy from trusted sites or manufacturers to be on the safer side. Do read all the details of the product available.


You can use synthetic urine instead of real urine in the urine drug test. Be careful while choosing the brand, keep all the points in mind for perfect outcomes. It will always be advisable to avoid the consumption of harmful drugs as they can cause great damage to your health.