Natural Products for Your Dog or Cat

Use Safe and Natural Products for Your Dog or Cat

Keeping Your Pets safe

Feeding raw dog food has slowly gained popularity after the horrendous recall of commercially made pet foods. Melamine and cyanuric acid contamination in the food caused incontrovertible damage, which caused the deaths and sickness of possibly tens of thousands made specifically for cats because of kidney and renal failure. Both of these substances based on a toxicology study performed after the recalls create melamine cyanurate crystals which cause acute renal failure, specifically in cats.

Nowadays, cat owners are aware that store-bought pet foods are heated and processed in a manner in which the original vitamins and nutrients have been destroyed, and with it the chance of infusing the food along with other chemically deadly substances, like the ones mentioned previously. So now they’re turning to other sources of food, explicitly heeding the clamor to go back to fundamentals: uncooked food. Raw food is not fresh to felines. In reality, this was exactly what they lived on since time immemorial mainly since commercially produced cat food hasn’t existed until the turn of this century. So, cat fans have searched for the perfect raw food to get their made specifically for cats.

Keeping Your Pets safe

Prevent Cat Skin Problems and Hair Loss

In going back to the basics, we realize that their food is much easier to prepare because you don’t have to cook it, is abundant in the vital vitamins, and they can now go back to cutting up their meals with their teeth.

The basic recipe for raw cat food is very simple. Grind up or coarsely cut up the meat, bones and liver. Add some water. Put some nutritional supplements there too, such as vitamin B complex, vitamin E, fish oil with the essential omega-three fatty acids and taurine. You can place raw eggs if you like.

Another recipe is to have some uncooked meat (beef, chicken, lamb, duck, quail, etc. but never fish or pork!), some heart and liver which may be alternated with kidneys, a few gizzards (for example teeth exercise ), grated veggies but only a bit, since made specifically for cats are mostly carnivores, little water, lightly boiled eggs, a bone meal there’s powdered form of the too, some fish oil and vitamin Combine this with some milk onto another bowl, and you would have given the cat the best gift of all: a healthy lifestyle which contributes to an extended, perfect life.