The real estate company is a company whose purpose (corporate purpose) is to manage real estate assets, through the purchase of:

Apartments / houses / villas and resale to the public;

Properties to be restored and resold;

Land on which to build and then resell;

Properties to be rented

The corporate purpose is therefore the management of real estate assets visit 33 realty’s website.

You can set up a real estate company in any form:

Joint-stock company (joint commodity firm – spa), insufficient liability firm srl)

The difference between partnerships and joint-stock companies is very clear: in partnerships, shareholders are liable for social obligations not only with company capital but also with their own personal assets. So if, for example, the company goes badly and goes bankrupt, creditors can also attack your car, your home, your possessions, without limits.

Properties to be rented

In the joint stock company, on the other hand, corporate creditors can only attack the corporate capital and not the personal capital of the shareholders. So if you invest in a corporation, you can rest assured that at most, in case of bankruptcy, you lose what you have invested but no one will come to take away your house, your car, your belongings. Learn more from property management services in Chicago.

Let’s say you have several apartments and you rent them. At the moment he is managing everything as a private individual, but you wonder if, from a fiscal point of view , it is worthwhile to open a real estate company or continue to manage everything as a private individual. The tax is in fact very different if you continue to manage your properties as private, or if you decide to handle them through a company.

First of all, know that opening a company requires:

  • The annual payment of an accountant;
  • The keeping of accounts;
  • Management costs;
  • Registration with INPS and payment of contributions.

These are all costs that you should pay more than now, not to mention that the taxation of a company is usually higher than that of a natural person, which as you know is based on personal income tax rates. So the best thing to do is, together with your accountant, to do a simulation, i.e. a calculation of how many taxes you would pay as a natural person and how many taxes you would pay as a company.