The Alexei Orlov is a founder as well as global CEO of the MTM. His global communication and marketing are holding a group supported by its individual exclusive technologies. The portfolio of each innovative company is expert in relevant social, cultural, creative strategies, content creation, audience intelligence, media deployment, production and experience design. At present, the MTM has four agencies that include Syndicate Sub Rosa, Local Projects, Camron PR and NOM servicing for more than 120 clients all over the world. Moreover, the MTM also has offices in several places such as Shanghai, Los Angeles, London, Milan and New York City.

Before discovering the MTM, the Orlov has served as a senior advisor to the CEO and Chairman of the DAS group of organizations. DAS is a global $8B division of the Omnicom Group PLC. In addition to, he served as an international chief executive officer of the RAPP core dialog all over the globe. In the year of 2014, the Orlov has joined and supervised a histrionic improvement of the company back to revenue with the greatly praised worldwide business as well as rebranding reorganize. Hence, this would consequence in a noteworthy entry of the fresh business and also top class leadership skill.

Marketing expertise of Alexei Orlov helped many businesses

A passion of Alexei Orlov

The passion of Alexei Orlov is becoming an operational leadership and brand stewardship run by the joyful and vibrant teams, which were noticeable at a beginning of his professional life as an established member of the greatly successful paper hunt selling group. In the year of 2013, the Orlov and his team members at proximity were rewarded as the Cannes Gold Lion Award for the development of biggest self-propelled social media platform with over 28 million users as well as 108 million followers in YouKu. As well as in a same year, the Orlov was welcomed to be one of the leading key note speakers at the forum of prestigious global brand.

Basically, the Alexei Orlov is a reliable advisor to the different sets of organizations spanning the world. He also teaches and directs the blue chip leadership teams to work via their functional challenges, communication and also their brand. He helps them to imagine and also organise for unique benefit in muddled and brutal trading atmosphere. Also, he is a popular prolific writer and has published a lot of books as thought leader. He maintains the normal column about psychology in these days.