Micro dermabrasion is an aesthetic treatment used to combat different types of imperfections, such as wrinkles, skin spots, stretch marks and scars from acne, surgery, etc. The purpose of micro dermabrasion is to remove the most superficial layers of the skin, smoothing it and making it smoother and more compact.

Compared to other similar treatments such as dermabrasion, micro dermabrasion is less traumatic and less invasive, as it works at shallow levels.Micro dermabrasion is done on an outpatient basis and usually without anaesthesia at medical spa skincare etobicoke.

In the case of particularly sensitive people, the doctor may still decide to carry out small local anaesthesia. This treatment is considered rather simple to perform, however, it is essential to contact only specialized personnel, to avoid the appearance of complications and serious side effects.

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Furthermore, before performing micro dermabrasion, it is necessary to strictly follow the instructions that the doctor will give us. Among these, we remind you to avoid sun exposure before treatment, to avoid the use of exfoliating products and to avoid waxing in the areas that will have to be subjected to micro dermabrasion.

How is micro dermabrasion carried out and how does it work?

This treatment is carried out with special machines equipped with a particular hand piece that is placed on the part of the face or body that must be treated.

Solid particles come out of this hand piece at high speed and have the task of removing the superficial layers of the skin, exfoliating it. The particles that are usually used in micro dermabrasion are aluminium hydroxide micro granules, or corundum crystals a particular type of artificial diamond.

Depending on the number of particles used and the speed with which they are directed onto the skin, the treatment can be performed at different depths(although, in any case, the exfoliation remains superficial.

The exfoliation helps in cell turnover and renewal are stimulated and the formation of new collagen and new elastic fibres is promoted by fibro blasts.

In this way, micro dermabrasion allows us to obtain smoother and more compact skin, with a fresher appearance.

However, as soon as the treatment is finished, the skin will be very sensitive. For this reason, soothing masks are usually applied.Then, to promote the regeneration of our skin, it is necessary to protect it and nourish it with adequate moisturizing and nourishing creams.

Finally, it is essential to avoid sun exposure and use sunscreens with a high protection factor.

The results that can be obtained with micro dermabrasion are very good. The skin appears smoother with a rejuvenated appearance.However, multiple micro dermabrasion sessions are required to achieve noteworthy results.