Richison Family Foundation announced a $150,000 donation for the complete creation of a public plaza for honouring the legacy of a civil rights icon in the nation.  The Clara Luper Sit-In Plaza honour her 1958 sit-in protest at Oklahoma City. She was an Oklahoma City school teacher. She and her students held the protest at the well-known Katz Drug Store. This protest place was segregated and led to the integration of lunch counter of Katz and spawned similar protects throughout the nation.

The story and message of Mrs. Luper

Chad Richison is the Founder of the Richison Family Foundation and Paycom. He revealed that the overall courage and leadership of Clara Luper helped a lot to shape the civil rights movement in Oklahoma and country.  The storey and message of Mrs. Luper will be strengthened for Oklahomans and every visitor through the creation of this upcoming plaza. The Richison Family Foundation is really grateful for this chance to contribute to the meaningful project.

chad richison

In downtown Oklahoma City, the plaza is planned to be constructed at West Main Street and North Robinson Avenue. The most expensive $3.6 million monument will include a 16-foot bronze reproduction of the popular Katz Drug Store lunch counter entirely surrounded by sculptures of Luper and her thirteen students along with a lunch counter employee. Historical information in the stone walls will provide all visitors with context regarding the sit-in. This extraordinary project will be completed in 2024.

chad richison is the Founder and CEO of Paycom. He likely never dreamed when he was studying at the University of Central Oklahoma approximately three decades ago that one day stadium of the school would be named in his honour.  The UCO formally celebrated the sports facility upgrades as well as plans for expanding and improving stadium with the support from millions of dollars gifted by Chad Richison.

A notable donation

Richison graduated in the Edmond University in 1993. He revealed that he would like for his gifts for inspiring other UCO grads and existing students now and in the future to think out of the box and believe that they can achieve great things in their life. He appreciated the complete experiences he had at the UCO. He hopes that his gift encourages others to accomplish something they may not yet have dreamed possible.  The UCO officials revealed that a $10 million donation by this popular business visionary for funding stadium enhancements brought to totally $25 million Richison invested in his alma mater.