Finding the ideal bong might be challenging, whether you want a straightforward glass bong or something more futuristic direct from the chemical lab. And if you’ve smoked out of a bong or two, you’re undoubtedly familiar with the term “perc,” short for percolator bong, even if its function is a mystery to you.

A percolator is a specific form of glass bong (sometimes known as a “water pipe”) used to absorb cannabis smoke more quickly due to the diffusion of the smoke. Traditional bongs with percolators have been used for years by stoners everywhere. That said, to know more, view product here.

Precisely what is a percolator bong?

A percolator may add an extra layer of complexity to your bong’s appearance, but it makes it simpler to hit. Perc, short for the percolator, is a tiny glass device that may be attached to the bong’s tube or base and serves as a filter for the smoke.

The smoke from a percolator bong is dispersed into many tiny bubbles, creating a distinctive bong rip sound as you inhale. Due to the increased surface area provided by the bubbles, the smoke can dissipate heat and be purified as it passes through the piece. This method creates a more refined hit, resulting in fewer coughs and more satisfying bong hits.

Downstem diffusion

A diffused downstem could be just what you need to add flavor to your go-to bong. A diffused downstem, as opposed to a traditional straight glass downstem, has several perforations that increase the volume of air reaching the bowl’s base. When shopping for a downstem, it’s important to consider the size of your bong.

Tips for maintaining a germ-free water pipe

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Adding a percolator to your bong will make it easier to inhale the smoke, but it will also make it more challenging to clean. Over time, the resin will build up in the crevices of the perks and make them inoperable. You may prevent this issue by routinely cleaning your bong with a combination of salt and rubbing alcohol or a glass cleaning solution.

It’s true that a bong with percolators, or percs, will need to be cleaned more often than one without them, but the additional effort is well worth it for ultra-smooth hits every time you hit the water pipe.

Can you tell me anything else I ought to know?

This only includes some possible kinds of percolators. If you’re unfamiliar with how a percolator works, it’s always a good idea to ask the cashier at your local smoke shop or, if you’re making an online purchase, to read up on the topic before clicking “pay now.”

Glass is an intimate product. Therefore it’s essential to take your preferences into account while shopping. You might go for a strictly practical, easy-to-clean item or splurge on a slick scientific creation with three percs for colossal hits. If you’re looking for a bong, you’ll discover one that suits your needs.