During this modality, the superficial muscles of the surface are directed together with the muscles below. A therapist performing this treatment must have advanced knowledge and training in the anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology of the human body. This knowledge is far more important than the force that is used during treatment.

When choosing which FasciaBlaster to go to for your treatment, it is important to consider how much experience and training they have. Because this modality works so closely with the muscles, improper training from your therapists will not produce positive results and may contribute to your underlying problems. It is important that you work with a licensed, certified therapist, or both. Of course, if you’ve been in business for a long time, this is another great benefit, as you’ve likely performed similar therapy on a wide variety of clients.

Deep tissue massage can be used to treat a variety of medical problems, including sports injuries and chronic problems. Some of these chronic problems that can benefit from this treatment are tension headaches, sciatica, and TMJ. Most patients who attend therapy and receive this type of treatment do so to relieve pain and improve athletic performance. However, the benefits of this treatment are endless.

One of the benefits of almost any massage modality is stress relief. If you are struggling with additional stress due to demands at work or at home, quality treatment can help relieve that stress in healthy and beneficial ways. Staying stressed for an extended period of time can affect your health not only mentally, but also physically. Visiting a therapist can help you quickly relieve your stress levels and give you time to focus on keeping your body away from the root cause of your stressors.

There are a variety of physical pains that can benefit from deep tissue therapy. Research has shown that regular treatments along with stretching can significantly reduce the pain associated with plantar fasciitis. Other problems that can benefit from this therapy include fibromyalgia, tennis elbow, back pain, and more. When starting these treatments, it is important to work with your therapist to come up with a plan that will help ease this pain and provide relief in your daily life.

Another area that can benefit from this type of massage is deep scar tissue. If you damage muscles, ligaments, or tendons, it can lead to scar tissue, which can lead to unwanted pain. Deep tissue therapy can help remove these scars, which not only helps end pain, but also encourages greater freedom of movement. If you have had an injury in the past that may have resulted in scar tissue, you should inform your therapist before starting treatment.