Having to send your loved ones in the long-term care facility will be the touch choice and comes with a lot of emotions. Rykka Care Centre would like to help and alleviate some stress & struggle you might currently experiencing just by offering you tips on how you can select the best short term or long term care center.

Living Spaces of the Long Term Care Center

With long term care center, you are offered fully-serviced living surrounding that cares for all your needs. Trained staff will manage housekeeping, keeping your intimate space & shared space totally clean. The long term care center is specifically made for elderly and normal people.

  • There are many hand railing & ramps, meaning spaces are wheelchair-friendly and walker-friendly. Even for people with limited mobility, layout and design of long term care center highly improves mobility.
  • Most of the care center offers the private residences, and people that do not can partner you and your relative with compatible roommate. The long term care center generally have extensive grounds with wonderful landscaped surrounding, ideal for the afternoon strolls.
  • There’re various activities centers, staffed kitchens, as well as convenient stores available. Well-maintained living areas of the long term care center are quite comprehensive as well as unmatched in services that will offer you and your loved-one.

How Can I Select Best Facility?

You have to determine your requirements since there are many facilities levels that will be selected. There’s assisted living where your loved one might just require help with daily things. After that there is the skilled care center where your relative needs more attention daily. Finally, there’s memory care –that is for people with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Look out what you want for your relative and make the right choice on type of care center they require based on their care level.

Ronn Torossian Tips

Ronn Torossian, director of public relations, said that marketing includes all the activities that a company undertakes to encourage the purchase and sale of its products and services. Marketing draws attention to the offers of a company, which can be products or services. Relevant marketing examples include television advertisements, display panels and advertisements on social media platforms and magazines.

Marketing mix is ​​a crucial element of marketing. The marketing mix refers to a set of actions that a company uses to promote its products and services. They include four “p: product, price, promotion and place. Marketing also consists in targeting ideal customers and drawing their attention to the product or service of a company.

Here are the objectives of marketing.

The end result is a customer responding to a call for action. This can only be achieved by certain steps. The steps include the following elements:

  • Understand the buyer’s character
  • Successful alignment of sales and marketing
  • Establish relationships with prospects through several contact points
  • Adopt an omnichannel marketing approach
  • Including live or cat cat robots.
  • For a business to put it there and settle, it must adopt certain awareness tactics. Nowadays, customers are counting on social media platforms for opinions and advice.

The information or messages given to customers should make it easier for them to choose a business rather than others. Certain digital marketing strategies, such as optimization of forms and the creation of online communities, also lead to an increase in conversions. There are many ways in which companies can use this new feature on Instagram to connect with the public and promote by the guide of Ronn Torossian.

Optimization of recall posts

The addition of a reminder to an Instagram publication takes less than a minute, and users can choose to add a specific time for the time of departure or end for an event. Although no one receives the notification concerning the end of the event, the delay is useful for consumers, because it will make them know how long an event will last. In addition, the platform automatically converts reminders in local time of any user who authorizes notifications, which means that companies do not need to add additional time zones to the recall. Companies must use detailed names for their events, so that consumers understand what the event is before adding a reminder for this. Companies should also use descriptive legends for their publications. Although Instagram limits the number of characters for event names, there is no limit for such for legends.

You cannot expect to thrive by just posting photographs of your items or services on Instagram. Nobody wants to listen to sales pitches all day long. You should have a mix of entertaining material that doesn’t sell anything and marketing stuff on occasion. To get knowledge about you must know about Ronn Torossian. Here are few Instagram marketing strategies to help your business succeed:

  • Upload high-quality images. Instagram photos are popular. Uploading high-quality photographs is therefore essential if you want people to trust your business. People are less inclined to follow and trust a firm that utilises low-quality images since your lack of attention to the quality of your photos might reflect on the quality of your products or services.
  • Have a decent landing page. Your landing page must be visually appealing, easy to navigate, and accurately and consistently reflect your brand. Your profile is the first thing visitors see and the only area where you may connect to your company’s website.
  • Use Instagram as a commercial tool. Instagram for business tools can help you successfully sell your products or services. Create an Instagram marketing plan and analyse data and insights to evaluate whether it is effective.

  • Make use of the appropriate hashtags. Although hashtags were not invented by Instagram, they have become a strong communications tool. Hashtags on Instagram are one of the quickest methods for people to notice your work. To assist you target the correct audience, use hashtags that are relevant to your content, if you are not sure about choosing right one check Ronn Torossian.
  • Post product teasers. People are typically curious. You may pique people’s interest by publishing teaser pieces or tales about a future new product or service. This method can help you improve interaction and followers on your Instagram feed.
  • Sell on Instagram stories. People like informal material and dislike over-produced stuff in general. Instagram Stories allows your company to post daily content.

The second most socially active industry is real estate. Social media is used by agents, brokers, developers, and property managers to get their properties in front of more people. People may discover suggestions on anything and anything on social media. For businesses where services are critical to revenue, social media is incredibly important. The brokerage is based on other people’s suggestions and who knows who. When you think about it, that’s exactly what social media is built on.

People aspire to have access to accurate and helpful data. As a result, everyone will immediately receive information from like-minded individuals, from groups where only one issue is highlighted and ideas and opinions are shared. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter have all exploded in popularity as a result of this.

Interaction with the target group is simple

social media automation for real estate

It is not tough to interact on social media; all you need to know is what your target audience requires. Because social media is open to the public, anyone can respond to anything if they want to. When messages are posted with good content and text that necessitates engagement, reactions will automatically follow. However, you may also start conversations by reacting to posts and tweets from your target audience.

Costs are reasonable

In the real estate industry, social media marketing services are cost-effective; it is one of the great advantages of and reaches a large number of the targeted audience. There is a single platform where you can upgrade to a paid profile and have access to more features. There are advertising choices available; they, of course, cost money, but you are “in charge” of the cash that will be spent.

Establishing a network

There are numerous social media sites, and everyone has a preference for which one they use. As a business, you may change your social media approach by looking at which sites your target demographic is more active on. This is critical for establishing a network of people who are interested in your company, service, or product. Social media marketing for real estate agents is essential for spreading your tale and, as a result, extending your viral reach and, in turn, the network. It’s a circle that’s supposed to keep becoming bigger and bigger.

Old news is tough to find on social media, but if you look hard enough, you will find it. However, you will always be aware of what is going on around the globe because social media is such a volatile platform where everything is communicated instantly.

The Giving Pledge is a simple idea: it is an open invitation for billionaires, or those who would be if it weren’t for their giving, to publicly pledge to donate the bulk of their money to philanthropy during their lifetimes or in their wills. It is motivated by the example provided by millions of individuals of all socioeconomic backgrounds who donate freely – and often at considerable personal cost – to make the world a better place. The Giving Pledge envisioned as a multi generational initiative, intends to help transform the social norms of generosity among the world’s wealthiest over time, inspiring individuals to give more, set their giving plans sooner, and donate in wiser ways. Signatories contribute to a wide variety of topics of their choosing. The Giving Pledge team hosts events throughout the year for signatories, families, and employees to learn from experts and one another about how to effectively use their donations to address some of the world’s most pressing issues. Chad Richison is one such person who has contributed to this worthy cause. This upbringing instilled in him a positive attitude toward society.

Some highlights about Chad Richison

Chad Richison learned as a child in Tuttle, Oklahoma, that if he wanted something, he had to work hard for it. That upbringing instilled in him a can-do attitude towards himself and others. He launched his first company moving hay in high school. As a young entrepreneur, he learned early on that working hard and being surrounded by positive people since no one does it alone. That mindset propelled him to where he is now, allowing him to serve others through the Green Shoe Foundation and the Richison Family Foundation. He created Paycom in 1998 and has since been committed to making life simpler for companies and the American worker.

Chad Richison, Paycom CEO

A determined and successful businessman of one of the fastest growing companies in the world, chad richison has built a technology juggernaut in an area where the big business area is full of oil and gas. Today, the new invention drives the Oklahoma economy and the main driver comes from a graduate of the University of Central Oklahoma.

Richison – Crunchbase Person Profile

In 1998, at the age of 27, Richison founded Paycom, a management company. Thanks to his visionary leadership Paycom is now one of the world’s largest employers, boasting the largest market of any public trading company in Oklahoma. Paycom is a company that focuses on innovation from a customer perspective, which makes businesses more efficient, easier and ultimately more profitable. Paycom is proof that a new technology company could grow a few provinces east of Silicon Valley.

“When I was a 4.0 in high school, I was not a good inspector,” said Richison. In 1989, he enrolled at Central Oklahoma University, then known as Central State University. Chad Richison record of hard work paid off at UCO where he eventually did an honor roll. “She graduated from UCO in 1993 with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and a young child in German. Half a century later, Richison has emerged as a powerful thinker and entrepreneur.

business environment

Chad R. Richison Insider Information

In his ascension to heaven, he has not lost sight of his generosity. Over the past few years alone, she has donated more than $ 14 million to her alma mater, in addition to creating the Green Shoe Foundation, a non-profit organization that aims to improve human well-being through workshops, counseling and treatment sessions.

His success proves that hard work and grit can really cultivate the business potential needed to build the largest technology company in the province, and Richison highly praises who he is during his time and the challenges he overcame while studying at UCO. “It is proof that a person is teachable and is still eager to learn. I thank UCO for giving me the opportunity to further my personal and professional growth goals. “This grant is also accompanied by the full compensation of our CEO and the continued growth of the Company over the next decade and provides a strong impetus to continue building the Company’s value,” he added.

In digital world today, there’s just one thing technology cannot replace and that is personal communication. Even though digital marketing has changed this game exponentially with the demand of social media, but it cannot completely replace value of the face-to-face meeting and marketing. One such brand that you can trust when it comes to best face-to-face sales and marketing technique is Smart Circle.

Let’s look at some top reasons why you must consider in-person marketing and sales strategy

Better customer knowledge

In-person marketing will offer you valuable insights in various needs of the target customers. Checking out their questions, objections and reactions will help to shape the future marketing & sales strategies, and giving you better knowledge of their needs and requirements. To prepare and anticipate for all questions and pain points will help to make sure fast solutions as well as builds your business credibility.

door-to-door seller

Helps to build brand recognition

When you can maintain and build the brand identity, you may work on building the brand recognition. The brand recognition helps your consumer to correctly identify your product and service by viewing your product and service’s logo, packaging, tag line, and marketing campaign.

Developing brand recognition & awareness is a root of marketing. Suppose your company does not have better brand awareness among their customers, it will lead to all types of the marketing woes, from zero customer engagement to lackluster leads.

Earn your customer credibility and trust

Customers are likely to purchase from the companies or brands they trust. Suppose your prospects do not trust your brand, there will not be any foundation of building the relationship. Face-to-face marketing and sales are the best technique to understand your prospects needs and wants in a better way. The more you know about what your customers and prospects need, the better you can serve them–you will see sudden lift in the brand loyalty and customer retention.

In the current technologically advanced world, there are a lot of things that could go wrong. Some firms do not understand the depth of age-old tactics which makes them successful. With a lot of options being made available, the firms are able to manage the solution that they come out with. Marketing and sales are the two most crucial aspects of any business. Without this, it is impossible for any business to continue with its process. Today, there are many companies that are in line with providing the service of sales. But not all the firms succeed in it. Considering this, companies must really be careful in choosing which service they are going to follow.

Smart Circle is one of the most popular firms that is known to provide various approaches to firms that need their services. They are the #1 firm today and know exactly how to offer respective services according to the requirements of various industries. The firm is headquartered in California and was started in 1981. Since then, they have been providing the best marketing services.

How do they provide?

Smart Circle provides top-rated customer acquisition and face-to-face marketing solutions. Their unique and decentralized approach is offered to the client’s businesses and it in turn gives them the result they require. The firm has been providing its services to all the Fortune 500 companies which makes them even more special.

The clients come from various industries like automotive, finance, fitness, food and beverage, fundraising, home security, and much more. With their 35 years of expertise, they try to inculcate several approaches to different clients so that they can bring out what they are expecting. Not only this but also the firm comes up with different strategies in line with the changing technology and client needs.


What approaches do they use?

  • Retail customer in-store acquisition.
  • Retail in-store lead generation.
  • Business-to-business canvassing.
  • Event promotions.

Even with all these approaches, the firm is able to successfully get the trust and belief of new clients. They are also proud presenters of smart programs that align with the latest technology along with eco-friendly ideas. These include;

  • Renewable energy.
  • B2B services.
  • Wireless connected solutions.
  • Beauty, health, and wellness.
  • Home improvement.

If your firm is looking for the best solution for marketing and sales, you need to contact the firm to make sure they provide the solution that you are looking for. Along with this, understanding their core values and business tactics can help improve your communication and give better results.

How to Create Great Quizzes

Doing pub questions is one thing but getting people to the door and back is an entirely different fish kettle. In many cases, many questions fail not because of questions but because of nature and the night created. Below is how to make them happy.

Relationship – Find a Perfect Partner

He laughed. The biggest flaw in some pub questions is that they can be tedious. Have fun and have fun, laugh, make a fool of yourself. If you are not comfortable with that, find someone else who will do one of the rounds and let him go. Try to maintain compatibility testing happiness. Walk-in rounds. Standing pub questions are good, but to make it more fun than somewhere, a small set of prizes can be given as a single break. This round should be designed for anyone to win. Maybe one player in each team gets a shot in a dark place at the pool table. A set of questions in which interviewers should call for answers. This can be done during a drink break.

Have instant rewards. Stupid events where you give a prize anything you can think of as a top of the best shoes. It should not be personal clothing  but gives an impression. Pub questions are usually a community that gathers together, especially in small bars, to make them enjoy themselves.

Find Online Quizzes

Combine handouts slightly. If you always have a photo circle in the pub question, then move on to the news board or rounds of diploids. For compatibility testing there you have to think more about, and even if you don’t know the answer right away, you might be confused. Don’t focus too much on photo rotations while they are popular, and you can easily be fooled by smartphone apps if they are not significantly distorted. Wear a belt and rotate. Guess the song is fun with the band, and it doesn’t have to be an expensive band.

Working with the creative digital studio comes with many benefits that the company may use. Since knowledgeable and talented experts, they will not just guide the visual strategy but as well ensure that each element is properly aligned and optimized with the overall brand image. Right from the imagery & backgrounds to page layouts and buttons; visual connectivity of the website is well managed by the professional at TheSoul Publishing.

Social Knowledge

The key element in visuals is connecting & reflecting with the audience. From people shown in the images to style of font, and colour of branding, different visual aspects can impact how the audience sees you & can tell what demographic you’re catering to. Having a wrong style and colour scheme will derail the business since users think this to be in the different industry and offering a different product. When the professionals develop visual elements, you are sure of targeted and socially aware features that will capture the ideal market.

digital media


Do you find your business following the current trend towards the open office spaces? Pointless to say quiet space is important today. The large conference room does not make sense always as best place for conducting the webinar and video chat because of acoustics. Having the digital studio space allows such activities to get conducted more effectively and easier.

Align right digital transformation and your business goals

The digital transformation strategy should fit with your business goals. Or, you are practicing digitalization & not digital transformation. Generally, digitalization is adding digital procedures where you think that they are needed the most. It is a part of the digital transformation. However, digital transformation is much more than this—it is making changes with the digital innovations to reach the business goals.

Versatile dealing

Nature of the work is transformed by the digital technology. Higher connectivity options mean many people have better opportunities to work from home, since remote working becomes more and more common. Now many jobs can be done from several miles away without any kind of difficulty. Without any need for workers to be there in a same building, other flexible working options are possible now.

Today, digital should be woven in your business core — that is, if business plans to thrive. For this reason, it is called digital transformation —this transforms your business from inside rather than polishing the veneer. Go for it.