Relative Humidity

The relative humidity is providing the relation between the moisture present in the air and the total capacity of the sir to have the moisture. It gives only the relation at the respective pressure and temperature not the exact value of the moisture content in the air. Also, the relative humidity (RH) givesa clear picture of the saturated air. If the RH value is a hundred percent then the air is saturated completely. Beyond this, the presence of moisture in the air will start to condense. If the RH value is fifty percent then air is will continue to attract the moisture and no condensation will happen.

Temperature is one of the factors which will impact directly the relative humidity. Irrespective of RH with respect to the temperature the moisture content will change.

Dew Point

It is a measure of water vapor present in the air that begins to condense as a liquid. More moisture present in the air reflects the higher dew point.The presence of water vapor in the air depends on the temperature condition. If the air is warmer then it has the capacity to hold more water vapor than the cooler air. Pressure is another factor that needs to be a concern more where at the constant pressure the air becomes saturated by the water vapor. Once the temperature starts to come down then the presence of excess water vapor will start to condense as a liquid. The dew point clearly indicates the temperature at the condensation happens. This process will happen under atmospheric pressure.

Relative Humidity vs Dew Point

The moisture content present in the compressed air mainly depends on the outside humidity. More humidity will result in more water vapor in the compressed air. Hence it is more important to know the relation between the Relative Humidity vs Dew point in Compressed Air Systems. Plant operators should ensure the temperature and pressure at which the compressor operates. Since both dew points and relative humidity are temperature dependents hence need to maintain the temperature of the surroundings by providing the proper ventilation to the place where the compressor is placed. Controlling the temperature can control the humidity of the air so that can avoid the dews. Like temperature need to give importance to the pressure. If pressure is reduced then there may be a chance to condense the moisture from the air. So, controlling pressure is also one of the important processes in maintaining the compressor to deliver the output.